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Why Invest in Property?

In the last few decades the UK property market has grown enormously, and even the great recession of 2008 did little to slow the market. Those who got in early reaped enormous rewards and investors who staked their capital in buy-to-let saw significant returns.

Recent tax and regulatory changes have made some people think twice about investing in the market, but the truth is there is that there are still serious gains to be made. The UK’s population continues to grow, divorce is increasing and more people are choosing to live independently. Currently, there are too few homes and demand will continue to outstrip supply in the medium and long term.

Those who invest in property will most likely see a substantial return on that investment. We can help you to make those investments by finding the right postcodes and areas that are central to capital growth. We can assist both single investors and commercial clients with these investments. For more information about our investment and property management in Coventry, London and the UK please contact us at Shafee’s Property Group.

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Investing Outside of London

Even outside of London, the property market shows no sign of abating. In areas such as the Midlands, house prices continue to grow, rents are high and yields continue to be strong. University towns offer particularly good yields, and Coventry is one of those towns that has a lot of potential. Coventry is the twelfth largest city in England, and this is due to grow by a fifth to 417,000 by 2037. There has been significant investment in the digital economy, the West Midlands city devolution as well as British motor manufacturing. Most importantly, there is a housing shortage, and that while the population grew by 39,000 in the ten years leading to 2014, only 9,340 homes were built. All of this makes the buy-to-let market in Coventry look extremely attractive. For further details about our investment and property management in Coventry, please get in touch with us at Shafee’s Property Group.

*DISCLAIMER: Please note we do not offer any financial advice nor financial services

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What Can Shafee’s Property Group Do for You

Find Your Property

When investing in property you will need to have a strong knowledge of property – or work with someone who does, and that’s where we help. There are a number of property paths that you may seek to go down. You could choose to invest in new homes being built or purchase properties which are derelict with the aim of restoring them. You could even purchase homes which already have tenants so you have a clearer idea of what income you receive. Alternatively, we can help you buy properties which need restoring and renovating. We have the expertise of finding the right tradespeople for you and we’ll be able to find you the best returns from this. In any case, we will give you all the assistance you need, so you can decide what is right for you.

Find Your Tenants

As a professional property management company in Coventry and London we can manage your property and find you tenants that will give you the most value on your investment. Leave all the stress and hassle of finding tenants to us, and we’ll make sure to find trustworthy tenants who will not only look after your property but provide you with a consistent rent year upon year.

Manage Your Property

When your tenants finally move into your property, there is still the task of managing the property. If you have ever managed a property before you will know just how much of your time this can take. Leave everything to us and you will be able to focus on more pressing issues, assured by the knowledge that your property is in safe and capable hands. All you need to do is watch as the rental income flow your way. We can even provide a guaranteed rent, should you seek this service.

If you would like further details about our property management in Coventry, London and the UK please get in touch with us at Shafee’s Property Group.

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